Top Unusual Winter Sports Across the Globe

Top Unusual Winter Sports Across the Globe

Winter sports are beyond conventional skiing and snowboarding facilitated by the escalation of the unconventional winter sports across the globe. Suppose you are fancying your daily dose of spine-tingling adventure to satiate the explorer in you. Here is your magic pill.

Polar bear swimming (Korea)

For locals and tourists who are in pursuit of that adrenaline rush, the freezing cold water of Korea Strait is your elixir. Since its genesis in 1988, the Polar Bear Competition occurs annually in Busan at Haeundae Beach.

Be geared up for engaging in a melange of fun-deluged activities from running for 10m to swimming 80m in the biting water.The Korean Tourism Organisation relishes in embracing good cheer than the competitive spirit by organising this competition.

Polar bear swimming

Ski biking (Colorado)

Embark on a palatial experience down the snowy slopes of Colorado’s Rocky Mountain by riding a bike fitted with skis if you think cycling is not your thing. The Durango Mountain Resort annually holds an international ski bike festival.

Ensure that you practice before you participate because of swarms of spectators and participants brimming the place.

Ski Ballet

The eccentric ones are formed by the coalescence of two unrelated activities and, thus, the advent of ski ballet. Yes, you are guessing it right, it is a ballet that is performed on skis.

It was legitimised by the Olympic Committee in the 1980s as a demonstration sport; however, it was ground to a halt in 2000 following specific disheartening episodes, thereby the official face of the sport became obscured.

Yet, it still exists as an enthralling sport; all you need is a ski gear along with that ignited ballerina skills, you are good to go.

Ski Ballet

Shovel Racing (New Mexico)

Want to reminisce about the good old childhood days during winter in the northern United States, where you used to race in the company of your cool gang on top of a cardboard box or metal lid. That childlike creativity is what engendered the outlandish shovel racing.

The genesis of this sport was observed in the 1970s in New Mexico. Now it has assumed the prominence of a full-fledged annual championship event. The paraphernalia needed is a shovel, ski wax, and athletic cup. The seasoned player’s race at over 70 miles per hour.

Skijoring (Montana)

You cannot squabble with a Montana local about their state, as they pride in their charming and peculiar state, as the abode for the exceptional skijoring. Now, what is the fuss all about?

The competitors with a pair of skis, harness themselves to a horse, a car, or a sled dog, and then pursue the race.

The sports can be traced back to the 1960s in the unofficial US home. Since 2009 the town of Whitefish conducted the World Skijoring Championship annually every February.

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