How to Buy Tickets for Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games

How to Buy Tickets for Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games

After the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games rescheduled for 2021 due to the current pandemic situation, there were a lot of uncertainties about buying travel and game tickets. But now the non-japanese nationals can purchase tickets online from authorized vendors in their regions. There is a set of new rules added while purchasing the tickets. With only a few months left for the Olympics, now is the right time to book your tickets. The good news is that all the events are scheduled in exactly the same manner as they were for 2020. To avoid the complexity of buying tickets for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, we have made a quick guide to help you out. Follow these steps to book your seats for the events today.

Confirm your itinerary dates

The Tokyo 2021 Olympics will begin on July 21 and will go on until August 8, 2021. Plan your itinerary based on the sports you want to watch. As the games will consist of qualifying rounds and medal events, you will be attending multiple days for the same game. You need to plan your itinerary accordingly, so you do not mix the time for two events. Plan for at least 3-4 days or a week so you can enjoy a good time exploring the city while also attending multiple events on your trip.

Choose your sports

Choose your sports

Once you are ready with the dates for your trip, look for the events that will take place on your scheduled days. Check the Authorized Ticket Reseller for your region to find out about the dates. The website will have a list of sports happening on your picked dates. You can click on the sports and find the ticket option right there. Check the exclude sold tickets option to ease your search for seats. You can also change the date if you do not find the games that interest you.

Choose the seating category

Pick your seats at the stadium according to your itinerary budget. You can find special areas to watch the event from close or choose a budget seat from where you can still enjoy the sport. When you choose an event, you will find all the categories and a list of dates, times, and seating options available. The categories for the seats will be listed as A, B, C, D, where A will be the best seat section. The lowers categories sell our faster, so make sure to check early.

Purchase the tickets

Once you have the dates, events, and seats picked, you are ready to buy the tickets. Some of the Ticket Resellers can also provide additional options for discounts on accommodation and tours. Check whether you need anything else from the website and go to the cart. From here, you can make the purchase for your picked items. You might even have to create an account to receive emails about the events and all the necessary updates.  You will receive a soft copy for tickets on your email, and the seller might also send you direct mail for original tickets and added goodies.

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