Quick Guide to 2021 Tokyo Olympics

Quick Guide to 2021 Tokyo Olympics

After the 2020 Tokyo Olympics got postponed for a year, there has been a lot of confusion among tourists about their tickets and travel options. The game dates have been postponed to July 21 next year and will follow the same schedule as the planned events of 2020. In this quick guide for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, we hope we answer all your questions.

Dates for 2021 Tokyo Olympics

The dates for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics have been kept the same as the canceled dates of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Now the events will start from July 24 after the opening ceremony on the previous day. The event will go on for more than two weeks and will end on August 9. The new dates and schedule for the games will remain the same.

Venue for 2021 Tokyo Olympics

Venue for 2021 Tokyo Olympics

The Olympic games of 2021 in Tokyo will take place in 40 different venues. The majority of the games will take place in Tokyo, including the finals. Games like soccer, baseball, and softball will be conducted in the stadiums that may be further away. The two capital venues for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics are the Heritage Zone, which also conducted the games in 1964, and the newly made Tokyo Bay Zone.

Stadiums for 2021 Tokyo Olympics

The new National Stadium that is built on the site of the old stadium in the Heritage Zone is located in the Shinjuku district in Tokyo. The new stadium is designed by Japanese architect Kengo Kuma who supervised the construction. The stadium’s design is inspired by the Edo-temples and consists of a lot of wood and cedar work.

Tickets for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics

The prices of every game will differ based on the expected audience for the games. Games like beach volleyball will have tickets starting from $40 to over $1,100 for the main events. You can also purchase packages for events from your regional ticket reseller to have better prices for accommodation and dining, along with seats at the games. The VIP hospitality passes will be somewhere in the range of $4,800 and $19,000.

When to buy tickets for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics

When to buy tickets for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics

The sooner you try to book your tickets, the better it will be to find a seat. The prices for the tickets may also increase as the dates come closer. In case you have to cancel your plans, you can easily get your money refunded. You will also be refunded for your tickets if the games are canceled in the future. Take the help of your local Olympics tickets reseller to enquire about any doubts before purchasing the tickets.

New Sports at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics

The four new games that will be introduced in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics will be sport climbing, surfing, skateboarding, and karate. Baseball and softball will once again return to the Olympics for the first time since the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

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