What to Know Before Travelling to Olympics

What to Know Before Travelling to Olympics

As the 2021 Tokyo Olympics comes nearer, people get excited about the games and travel once again after a long haul in traveling. Many new Olympic enthusiasts are showing interest in the games and are planning their first Olympic tour. Since Japan already has a lot to offer as a tourism destination, it is a bonus trip for anyone who is booking the tickets for the 2021 Olympics. But before you get ready for the trip, here are some essential guidelines you should know for any Olympic trip.

How to get the tickets

As an international traveler, you will have to prepurchase the tickets from a vendor in your country. You cannot purchase on spot tickets for the events, even if there are seats. Every country has a local vendor to resell the tickets. These vendors are authorized to sell the tickets legally. Check the schedule for the games that you want to attend and book seats according to your itinerary budget.

Plan your accommodation

You need to plan your accommodation alongside purchasing the event tickets as you need to make sure that you find a stay on the same dates for the event. Some of the Olympic ticket vendors may also offer you combos for accommodation and event tickets. It can save you a lot on your budget if you are solo traveling and can adjust for a cheaper stay. You will be saving extra money for other activities that the venue city will offer outside the stadium.

Book an Olympic flight

There will be special flights for Olympic travelers during the Olympics season. Olympics can draw a large amount of crowd, which may require the host to involve multiple airports for the flights. Tokyo Olympics will have the Narita and Haneda airports to take care of the flights. Narita will have more flights but is farther away from Haneda airport. Choose the right flights according to your event schedules.

Getting to the venues

Getting to the venues

The transportation in Tokyo is balanced well to provide ease during your Olympic trip. There will be special shuttles from the airport to the event venues to make sure you reach on time. Keep a little more time in your hand while traveling to the venue as some unexpected conditions like traffic can make you late for the event.

Finding free events

Apart from the stadium games, do not forget to enjoy the free games and events that will take place around the stadium. Olympics is a big festival, and a lot of mascots, exhibits, and stalls will conduct free games and events around the venue. When you are finished watching the event, you can come out with your family and enjoy some good food and entertainment. Some of the events of the Olympics take place in semi-public places where you can significantly watch most of the game without paying for the ticket. Games like Marathon, road cycling, sailing, triathlon, and rowing are some examples of games you can attend for free.

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