Top 10 Must Watch Olympic Games

Top 10 Must Watch Olympic Games

While the Olympic games are fun to watch for the viewers, with various games in the basket, it is a lifestyle for many. Players spend all their lives to play that one match that could turn their lives upside down and gain them the recognition they deserve. Hence, we must at least support them by watching the games they play and support our country and the players.

Olympics is a collection of sports where people from all over the world take part in the global fest. Millions of people root for the country’s or the favourite sportspersons’ win. In this article, we’ve jotted down the top 10 must-watch Olympic sports events that you cannot miss in the upcoming years.


Rugby was introduced in the list of Olympic games from 1900 to 1924, and in Rio 2016, the sports marked its debut with a seven members team as it is a shorter and faster adaptation to the otherwise long game. There are both men’s and women women’s team in the sport, and it is the most appreciated sports in the Olympics.



It is included in the modern athletic program and is considered as a popular athletic discipline. In this sport, the athlete attempts to weight-lift a barbell that is loaded with maximum weights at a single attempt. This is the most favourite game for all the gym enthusiast and other weight lifting lovers.


It was first introduced in the 1896 Olympics, which was held in Athens. Originally it was played only as men’s singles and men’s doubles. However, in 1900 women started to compete in this game as well.

Association football or soccer

Soccer, or football like called in other countries, is one of the well-known and a leading sport in many countries across the world. It recent years, it has also gained the popularity of being one of the most popular sports in the Olympics as well.

football or soccer


Basketball has been the favourite of every Olympic lovers since its introduction in the 1936 Olympics. The game is famous as an Olympic sport only for men. However, after 40 years, in 1976, it was also introduced for women and quickly adapted to the women’s teams as well.

Beach or field Volleyball

It has been around in the Olympics since 1964, and they’re capable for both men and women, from the very beginning of its introduction. People not only love to play it, but they also love to watch this sport.

Water sports include rafting, diving etc. and swimming is not included because they’re a different category.

Beach or field Volleyball

Track and field running

Although it might sound a little bizarre, people love to watch track and field, especially in the Olympics. They’re also called athletics and were introduced in the Greek Olympics.


IT is entertaining to watch in the Olympics and has been the same for ages.


It involves exercises which require strength, stability, durability, likeness and control. Overall, a fun sport to watch.

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